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An Unexpected Ass Kicking

1) Nothing is withheld from us which we have conceived to do.

2) Do things that have never been done.

                                           -The guy who invented the computer

The first meaning: if you’ve conceived something in your mind, decide to do it, and are willing to put in the work – nothing can stop you.

The second meaning: is fairly self-explanatory but carries the extra weight of it coming from the guy who invented the very thing that’s letting me type these words out on the internet.

How I got some knowledge dropped on me by the guy who invented the computer

by Joel Runyon

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The “Hot Straw” is Here

                                      Hot Straw

One of my newest ventures—beside Microryza (pronounced “Mike” + “Row” + “Rye” + “Zah”), which is a crowd-funding platform for research projects— is a product called: the Hot Straw

The gist of Hot Straw is this: you cannot drink a straw with a hot drink— why? Because it melts in the liquid from something in the straw called Plasticizers. 

Dawn Miracle (it’s her real name, trust me, I asked), Founder and CEO of Hot Straw, first came up with the idea for Hot Straw when working with Parkinson’s patients as a Clinical Researcher,  because they  DEFINITELY cannot drink hot liquids. 

Basically she wanted to help them enjoy hot drinks without spilling or worrying about standard straws melting in the heat, she created a straw that eliminated Plasticizers.

                                  coffee straw

In short: Hot Straw is the first straw designed specifically for use in hot liquids.  The key difference is in its ability to withstand the temperature of a hot beverage and not allow plastic to melt into the drink. PLUS, (get this) it’s also BPA free, recyclable, and dishwasher safe. 


Another cool about this product goes to the design of Hot Straw. Hot Straw has an oval shape that matches the opening in a to-go coffee lid, meaning the straw doubles as a spill stopper that you can still sip from.

 “As a Clinical Researcher, it killed me to know my Parkinson’s patients couldn’t enjoy the coffee they have had their entire life.  It’s my job to make their lives more comfortable and they wanted a hot drink, so I found a way to make it happen.” -Dawn Miracle

It was only after she created the straw for her patients that Dawn realized the interest from friends outside her research (this is where I come in).

Cafe Hot Straw

 THRILLED to say that as of last Tuesday  Hot Straw has launched at  Solsticio Café  in Fremont (WA), the first café to sell Hot  Straws.

 Since Hot Straw was originally created to  help Parkinson’s patients, 5% of all  proceeds will go to Parkinson’s  research!!!

 Big talks going on with big names, but as  long as the 5% give-back to research is  still  there— I couldn’t be happier.

Or more excited.. =)

Stay tuned, I’ll try to find the time to talk about Microryza sometime soon too.

If you’re super curious about that, then check out our Tumblr here.

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