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We support civil rights, and hope WA State voters will APPROVE REF 74 and legalize marriage equality.

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The Heist

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We are all afraid some times.

Afraid to speak in front of the whole class and do a presenation.

Afraid to do more, when it’s safe to do less.

Afraid of taking a risk

Afraid to do what sounds to so wondrous, b/c of everything we’ll lose

Afraid to start a new chapter or start over

Afraid of the unkown or the all-knowning 

Afraid to love and be loved.

Of death, and moving on with life.

put then we stop being afraid… but, why?

Because we can. Because we do.

Because at the end of it all, after we have had to deal with it or are in middle of it— we realize that 3 months ago or even a year ago that we said— maybe over a joke or to a friend, hell, maybe to ourselves— ”If that happen to me, I’d die”, “if I had to do that, I would not be able to survive”, “I can’t/won’t do that”.

and yet, here, now— we have, we did, and we continue to do so.  

We’re a fascinating bunch (people) when faced with a challenge, because at the end of it all—we just want to survive.

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