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Probably the most daring project I’ve ever been a part of.


#IAmYourNext - MyUnfold

What is your dream job? We’d like to know.

A project that I can honestly say I am happy to be a part of ( even if it was a small tiny itsy bitsy part ) Great crew and as much as I like linkedin. I like how this startup is going about the career management platform. Thanks for the opportunity guys =)

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This guy Ben Haggerty (aka Macklemoreis brilliant. There are very few people in the hip-hop industry that are making music like this. Fair warning that some people won’t like it, but then again, it’s probably not for them. 

"Same Love" discusses the intolerance of the gay community and has a great message. This is just the first song Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have shared from their new album “The Heist”. Can’t wait to see what else is coming out soon.

Fun fact: the single’s release photo is of Macklemore’s uncles.


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Ben Huh: Be weird, practice failure, thank the Internet

Ben Huh University of Washington

“The best things in life are non-linear.” So said, Ben Huh, CEO of Cheezburger Network, at a recent event organized by the University of Washington American Marketing Association (UW AMA which I was the VP of at the time) in collaboration with the UW Foster School of Business Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE).

Not surprisingly, his talk, “Making Failure Cheap: Managing Risk to Ensure Success”, was no ordinary lecture-bullet-point-filled PowerPoint. Instead, Ben Huh was an amazing speaker who grabbed everyone’s attention by sharing his real-life stories—the kind of tales we (as students) hope we never have to face.

Together, we all learned how he overcame his challenges in the most unconventional of ways.

If you want to read more from the event I helped organized, then go here for the full blog post:

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His wellspring of inspiration comes not from lost love or his stunning girlfriend, but a painting on his wall, the books on his window shelf, the photographs that are pinned to an old American flag. Ladies & Gentlemen, one of Seattle’s most gifted story-tellers. Bryan John Appleby.

"when her feet hit the ground / she could still hear the sound ”

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